Sensor Cognition™

Serverless Sensor Processing with Machine Learning

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 SensorCognition™ is an 'Edge' device that provides for Internet of Things (IoT) and 'Industry 4.0' machine learning applications. We use sensors and machine learning to bring about a step improvement in your organisation's processes.

About Machine Learning

View the 60 second video to learn about the advantages of using machine learning with sensor data.

Collects Sensor Machine Learning Data

Provides a way to collect sensor data for machine learning without use of a network connection or server

Uses Machine Learning Models

Allows learnt machine learning models to be used stand-alone, without a network connection or server 

Provides Consistent Data Pre-Processing

Ensures the required, same, pre-processing of sensor data for model learning as for run-time inference

Serverless edge devices solve many of the problems with Internet of Things (IoT) cloud solutions: 

Less Data

Removes the need for cloud storage of redundant data, saving cost and resources.

Less or No Data Transmission

Solves the problems of prohibitively large data transmission requirements dictated by higher sensor sampling frequencies. 

Faster Processing

Brings computing much closer to, for example, patients, machines, customers, suppliers, employees, vehicles and buildings for quicker notifications.

No Server,  No SAAS

Secures your data as it doesn't go through, nor is held by, a third party. You are also not dependent on the reliability, availability and variable cost of a 3rd party service.

Edge Device

SensorCognition™ is a small device, within Bluetooth® range of sensor beacons, detecting movement (accelerometer), temperature, humidity, air pressure, light and magnetism (hall effect), proximity, heart rate, fall detection, smoke, gas and water leak.

Configured, Not  Programmed

One of the problems with IoT is the need to support different inputs and outputs for different IoT scenarios leading to solutions needing costly, complex and time consuming custom programming.

All of our edge devices run the same software. We configure and 'wire-up' pre-defined SensorCognition™ modules rather than creating a new program for each customer. This allows the same device and software to be used for collecting data for machine learning and later re-purposed for production. It provides for quickly changing functionality in response to evolving requirements. It allows us allows us to spend more time on your solution rather than writing new software. 

Much More Than Edge, Sensing and Machine Learning

As well as sensor data, SensorCognition™ can also act on and combine data from MQTT, HTTP, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, Twitter, email, files and RSS.

SensorCognition™ also has an optional stand-alone web page dashboard, available on the local network, that can have buttons, charts, colour pickers, date pickers, dropdowns, forms, gauges, notifications, sliders, switches, labels (text), play audio or text to speech and use arbitrary HTML/Javascript to view data from other places.

SensorCognition™ processes the above inputs and outputs to files, MQTT, HTTP(S), Websocket, TCP, UDP, Email, Twitter, FTP, Slack, Kafka. It can also run external processes and Javascript.

More Information

Download the pdf fact sheet. SensorCognition™ is available as a component of BeaconZone Solutions. Contact us via our help desk to set up a free initial chat to determine if a SensorCognition™ based solution might benefit your organisation.

About Us

We are are BeaconZone Ltd in the United Kingdom, specialists in Bluetooth® beacon solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products, consultancy and software development for companies and organisations evaluating/using beacon technologies for use in professional solutions or research.