Sensor Cognition™

Transformative insights using sensors and AI machine learning

About Machine Learning

View the 60 second video to learn about the advantages of using machine learning with sensor data.

Identify situations that were previously thought to be difficult or impossible to detect. Classify, predict and react for a step change in efficiency and safety.

Insights From Physical Measurement

Sensors allow a large number of physical factors to be quantified and analysed.

AI machine learning excels in situations where the data is too complex to be analysed by a human or conventional computing algorithm.

AI on Serverless Edge Device Devices

We supply software that runs on edge devices, within range of sensor beacons, detecting location, movement (accelerometer), proximity, temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, magnetism, open/closed, proximity, heart rate, fall detection, smoke, gas, water leak or custom sensor signals.

The outputs are alerts sent via, for example, email and http.

Serverless Edge Devices solve many of the problems  with Internet of Things (IoT) cloud solutions: 

Less Data

Removes the need for cloud storage of redundant data, saving cost and resources

Less or No Data Transmission

Solves the problems of prohibitively large data transmission required of higher sensor sampling frequencies

Faster Processing

Brings computing much closer to, for example, patients, machines, customers, suppliers, employees, vehicles and buildings for quicker notifications

No Server,  No SAAS

Secures your data as it doesn't go through, nor is held by, a third party nor is dependent on the reliability, availability and variable cost of a 3rd party service

SensorCognition™ Feature Recognition

We use AI unsupervised machine learning to extract features, for example, common shapes and patterns, in complex sequential sensor data.

The example on the left shows changing numbered features found in sequential incoming data that we use for detection, classification, anomaly detection and prediction.

As a simple example, 71 and 82 being active might signify an asset is being under-used, a machine has unusual vibration or predict a vulnerable person is about to fall.  

Free Initial Chat

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High Level Architecture

Identification of your problems, the requirements, the required accuracy, performance and machine learning output actions

Data Collection

Implementation of sensing,  data capture, cleaning and shaping

Create Model

Development and refinement of machine learning model


Implementation of actions based on the output of the machine learning model

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