This is the blog for SensorCognition™, part of BeaconZone Ltd in the United Kingdom. We solve difficult business problems using AI machine learning resulting in transformative changes to product/service capability, process efficiency, reporting and safety.

Products and services gain significant improvements through being able to detect conditions that were previously thought to be difficult or impossible to detect. Examples range from machine condition monitoring to human health assessment.

Business process problems vary from company to company but usually include bottlenecks, workrounds, stoppages, human effort-limited tasks, downtimes, process delays, accidents and under-used equipment. In industry these issues affect production efficiency, machine up time, maintenance costs and quality. Solving such problems via measurement and prediction allows you to react for a step change in your processes.

We achieve this through the use of sensors, data conditioning and edge devices to process time series data using AI machine learning.

This blog, maintained by Simon Judge, is for company owners, managers and stakeholders who wish to learn more about machine learning from a practical viewpoint and discover what we do with SensorCognition™.

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