Machine Learning Development Process

Our machine learning development process has five stages. You only need to commit to one stage at a time, having been happy with each previous stage.

We actively involve your appointed technical staff so that they can help us integrate the final solution into your organisation while at the same time picking up valuable machine learning skills.

Initial Chat

Start with a free chat to discover if we are the right people to help build your AI capability. Aspects include high level feasibility, geographical location concerns, financial considerations as well as respective company policies.

Scoping and High Level Architecture

This involves identifying and understanding your problem(s), deriving the requirements, the required accuracy, performance and machine learning output actions. We assess the feasibility of solving using machine learning while also considering whether a simpler conventional algorithmic solution might suffice. We design an architecture for gathering data that can also be used for production. The output is a short document.

Data Collection

We implement mechanism(s) to collect, clean and shape the data. With our help, you collect the data that might take hours, days or weeks.

Machine Learning to Create Models

We run many experiments to develop and refine the machine learning model(s). We try different variants of the data, different machine learning techniques and different parameters. The output is a machine learning model. This takes hours, days or weeks depending on the size and complexity of the data.


We use the same mechanism we created for data collection, to perform inference on new real time data. We implement actions based on the output of the machine learning model.

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